An introduction to Carbon13 for experienced entrepreneurs

How to start and scale a startup for Net Zero, with Carbon13: for founders with previous startup experience.

About this Event

Welcome to Carbon13’s webinar, tailored to experienced (whether successfully exited, or “successfully failed”) entrepreneurs who want their next startup to reduce emissions and help the world achieve Net Zero.
This webinar will be an introduction to starting and scaling a venture specifically for emissions reduction, and to Carbon13’s Venture Builder.

10 million tonnes

On Carbon13’s Venture Builder, founders build scalable startups with the potential to reduce emissions by 10 million tonnes. From beginning to end, our support for you as a founder will be hyper-focused on this target.

The eight-month Venture Builder programme supports founders to form cofounding teams and develop their ideas into a commercially successful venture on a scale that can reduce emissions by our target of 10 million tonnes.

NB this webinar is tailored to those who have founded or built a startup already. If you are from a corporate background or a technical/scientific background, and want to know more about founding a Net Zero startup using your skillset and experience, we have different webinars here that will be more useful to you.

What you’ll learn on this webinar

  • How the Carbon13 Venture Builder works, and what we look for in applicants
  • How you will build a startup with Carbon13 to reach the 10 million tonnes target
  • Why entrepreneurs should devote their energies to building a Net Zero startup (I.e. the scale of the transformation that is coming in the next decade and why founders should start now to get ahead of incumbents)
  • How entrepreneurship will play a critical part in delivering the world-changing innovation needed to achieve Net Zero
  • Why Carbon13 is placed at the heart of the Cambridge ecosystem, the UK’s hotspot for climate entrepreneurship and deep tech ventures

We’ll also cover how Carbon13’s Venture Builder will:

  • Support you to find a technical cofounder from the cohort of 50 purpose-driven founders, to form a team capable of delivering game-changing innovation
  • Help you understand how to find the high-impact high-potential ideas for emissions reduction, and avoid the incremental, slow, or dead-end ideas
  • How develop a value proposition that can scale commercially, while also reducing emissions credibly and significantly
  • Help you to build your network in the Net Zero and sustainable entrepreneurship world
  • Start you on a journey of learning around the challenges and opportunities in the Net Zero economy by connecting with sustainability experts in the field
  • Invest in the qualifying ventures built by founders on the programme and connect you to further investment opportunities

Who’s eligible for Carbon13’s Venture Builder:

There is only one requirement to apply for Carbon13: the absolute commitment to reducing emissions through a scalable venture.

If you want to play your part in saving the climate and spend your time on making a meaningful impact, then you should apply to Carbon13.

When you join Carbon13 you join a cohort of 50 founders who are all as dedicated to reducing emissions as you are. Each person has proven to us that they have the potential to build a high growth startup, and collectively they form a cohort with diversity at its core. This means a cohort which reflects the diversity of our society, and which also draws on every corner of the economy. The challenges of Net Zero are so complex, that people from every industry and sector are needed to come together to find those world-changing ideas.

Hear from our founders

Check out what current cohort members say about us, to help you decide if you should join us:
“It’s easy to have ideas, it’s really difficult to get them to the point of investability. That’s why I’m super pleased to be on Carbon13 because it’s going to help get through those initial stages.” Amyas Phillips – Technical Founder

“I wanted to join Carbon13 to create a climate change focused startup, to have an impact on my life and on others and to challenge our generation to be better than our actions and to treasure our finite resources.” – Ahrum Pak – Venture Catalyst Founder

“I’d like to build a business that proves that having sustainable goals at your heart can make you more economically successful.” – Vanessa Macdougall – Commercial Founder

If you want to learn more about our current cohort take a look at our Meet the Cohort page.

Send to a friend

Please send our webinars and venture builder to anyone and everyone strongly motivated by the climate emergency, who believes as we do in the potential for entrepreneurship to be one of the vectors for change that our planet needs.

To fight the climate emergency, we need our best minds working on innovative solutions and we intend to support them every way we can. In particular, we support talented people such as:  


  • Engineers, scientists or developers, with expertise which they want to use to create a venture because entrepreneurship is their chosen way to quickly make a significant impact and work on the biggest challenges in Net Zero.
  • Entrepreneurs looking for their next big challenge ideally in the climate change space. They are most probably in a search of the right idea and value proposition, and want to meet a co-founder with deep expertise in technology or the climate space.
  • Other experienced folks with relevant industry expertise and networks (e.g. in energy, transport, agriculture, food, buildings, manufacturing) or startup expertise (sales, product management, design).


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Our why

Carbon13 is the venture builder for the climate emergency.

We are selecting and supporting 1000 entrepreneurs over 5 years who will build scalable ventures with the potential to reduce carbon emissions by over 400 million tons per annum.

We strongly believe that startup innovation is necessary to save the planet. Everyone who has the talent to make a difference to the climate emergency should be channelling that talent into the one great effort that humanity most needs. 

Without entrepreneurs, we won’t get enough innovation to solve this problem and we won’t get it fast enough. This is what drives everyone at Carbon13, and has led us to create the venture builder to support entrepreneurs to achieve the high growth ventures that can make a meaningful impact on carbon emissions.