Carbon13 - The Year Ahead

2021 is the year of action on climate change. It is the year that President Biden prioritises the climate. It is the year of COP26. It will almost certainly be the hottest year on record. Just like the last 5 years.

2021 is also the year that sees our first cohort of 50 founders—a diverse collection of extraordinary scientists, software developers, engineers, serial entrepreneurs, industry experienced folks—start the eight month Venture Builder on 16th March. The Carbon13 team is working hard through covid to give each founder every chance of founding ventures which will go on to reduce emissions by millions of tonnes.

Critical to the success of our entrepreneurs’ ability to deliver truly innovative ventures and value propositions will be the support and investment of our Carbon13 SEIS Fund.

This fund will invest £100k in each of the 8-10 ventures created by the Carbon13 Venture Builder.

The Net Zero economy is the biggest business opportunity of the next 50 years and investors are taking note. Just this January, Hank Paulson, the US Secretary of the Treasury under George Bush, launched his Climate Fund. With TPG, he will be investing $162 million into companies that mitigate or adapt to the climate crises.

The World Economic Forum defined the top 5 most likely risks as environmental risks. Consumers are voting with their wallets and they’re voting green. The price of carbon is increasing, unlocking revenues for carbon offsetting and and carbon reducing ventures. The rules of the game have fundamentally changed.

The Carbon13 SEIS Fund is our response to this new world: Carbon13 is currently the only Venture Builder focused on the low carbon economy and high growth startups aiming for Net Zero. No other Venture Builder asks its founders to commit to building ventures that have the potential to reduce CO2e by 10 million tonnes.

We are aiming high and we have good reason to. The ventures we invest in will need to grow to a significant size to deliver the impact of reducing CO2e by millions of tonnes – and venture builder programmes give these startups a much greater chance of success. No fewer than 61% of UK unicorns have gone through an accelerator-type programme like ours. Programmes with a talent-first approach can shorten the time to Series A & B investment by 30%. This therefore means that programmes like ours can shorten the timescale for de-carbonising the global economy too.

2021 will still pose many challenges to business, but the urgency of the climate crisis means we simply cannot wait.

All who qualify as High Net Worth Individuals, or Sophisticated Investors, are welcome to invest in the Carbon13 SEIS Fund. The minimum investment for the 21/22 tax year is £20,000. Please contact Michael ( to receive the prospectus.