Carbon13’s Webinars | On-demand

What does building a venture to reduce humanity’s emissions actually look like in practice?

The webinar recordings below introduce the Carbon13 model and look at the opportunities entrepreneurs can take to build high impact startups which have a significant impact on carbon emissions.

We also explore how Carbon13’s specialised support for founders means they can form a team capable of game-changing innovation, maximise their potential to reduce carbon, and de-risk the first few months of the venture’s development.

Climate entrepreneurship for scientists, developers and engineers

The biggest challenges in Net Zero and how to make them investable through Carbon13.

This webinar is for scientists, developers and engineers ready to focus on the biggest challenges and contribute to the global effort to reach Net Zero and build a venture that can credibly, measurably and significantly reduce CO2e emissions.

Whether you’re already working on a Net Zero solution or are new to entrepreneurship, this webinar will be an introduction to the opportunities in the Net Zero space, how to develop the solutions - and make them investable through Carbon13’s Venture Builder.

An introduction to Carbon13: for Developers, Machine Learning specialists and Data Scientists

Discover how you can significantly reduce carbon emissions and prove it credibly to investors, customers and stakeholders with Carbon13.

This webinar is an introduction to our venture builder’s seven-month programme and will discuss how you can make an impact on carbon through founding a startup through Carbon13’s programme.


You will learn how Carbon13 supports founders “to get past the prototype”, understand the biggest opportunities in Net Zero, and rapidly scale up early-stage innovations into game-changing solutions for the climate.


Carbon13 is the only venture builder hyper-focused on reducing emissions and we ask founders to commit to founding a venture with the potential to reduce emissions by millions of tonnes. The climate needs nothing less.