Carbon13's Investment Committee

The Investment Committee looks at your team’s progress in Phase 2 of the venture builder and decides whether Carbon13 should recommend an investment in your venture for Phase 3.
You should view this investment as a pre-seed round and its timing and amount are deliberate: you receive enough funds to execute the next growth stage of your venture.

The relationship between Carbon13 and the venture teams

Over the first two phases of the venture builder programme, Carbon13 builds up a deep understanding of the individuals and teams involved and invests significant time in helping to develop the ideas and relationships created during this time. As part of the venture builder programme, Carbon13 then takes a 3% equity stake in all of the ventures formed during Phase 2, which allows us to facilitate the continuation of those relationships over the medium to long term.

What does the pre-seed investment round look like?

If you are successful at the Investment Committee, Carbon13 seed fund’s investment totals £120,000 in exchange for 7% equity in your venture. A total of £40,000 (excluding VAT) of this investment is then returned to Carbon13 in order to cover part of the costs of programme as a whole. As a result, your new venture retains a net £80,000, which it can use as it sees fit as you prepare for the next stage of development.

Why just £80,000?

£80,000 (net) is sufficient to power you through Phase 3 but critically, it is still a small enough amount to avoid the startup killer that is over-funding. Too much money at this stage is often a hindrance and not a help.

What happens if the Investment Committee does not invest in my venture?

The Investment Committee will make between 10 and 12 investments per cohort and if your venture does not meet the thresholds for investment then you cannot progress to Phase 3 and will have to formally leave the programme. However, we want to emphasise that everyone who joins Carbon13 becomes a part of our community. So if your mission remains focused on carbon emission reduction and climate change then we will continue to support our alumni in any way we can, through our networks, mentorship and resources.