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    Reducing impacts of cloud computing
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    Cloud computing is emitting more CO2 than civil aviation. But there are so many ways to improve this. First companies are struggling to measure carbon emissions and other impacts of their infra deployed in their favourite cloud providers (AWS, GCP, Azure...). Then they need to solve the cost/environment dilemma: reducing the cost does not always translate into CO2 reduction... There is also an opportunity for carbon-awareness infra: have a cloud infrastructure self-adjusting depending on the carbon intensity of the grid. For example scheduling heavy asynchronous tasks when or where there is a lot of renewable energy powering the grid (training AI, reindexing...) or reducing quality of service when electricity is "dirty". This would be a SaaS platform where cloud engineers would give access to their cloud provider account and we would analyse the cost and environmental impact. All data exists, and methodologies exist, it's just a matter of "building this" platform. The core idea is to give cloud engineer visibility on carbon emissions, other impacts and costs to help them saving money and greening their infra at the same time.