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    Pre-emptive satellite prediction of food waste
    4 months agoopen0
    Use satellite imagery to predict, at the farm or local geography level (e.g. <20mile radius level), harvest time and yield of produce. Use this information to predict when and where too much food is going to be produced and likely result in food waste, and set up operations to pick up and utilise this food. Unknowns: - Where exactly food waste happens close to the farm level. Food waste closer to the farm is more prevalent in the global south, in these geographies what do farmers currently do with excess produce? Are there already local solutions that solve this problem e.g. do farmers text friends to sell of their goods cheap, do they successfully sell them at market just for lower cost, or do they fail to sell them at market? Only in this last scenario does this project, in its current wording, add value. Known issues: - Getting traction with tech use for traditional (or older) farmers - Setting up infrastructure on the ground. How do you actually pick up the excess produce? Transport it? Maybe a too good to go style app that alerts entrepreneurial local businesses to buy and sell cheap produce could work around this problem and mean no physical assets are required. Existing companies: - Apollo Agriculture, don't do quite the same thing but tangentially related. Use satellite and other data to predict which crops would grow best on different pieces of land (thanks AG for the info on them!).
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    GreenCode: Software Decarbonisation at Scale
    4 months agoopen1
    GreenCode is (will be) an automated software decarbonisation pipeline and developer’s toolkit that leverages state of the art NLP practices and green (low-energy cost) generative AI techniques to reduce the cost and carbon footprint of software products and services, and by implication the wider ICT sector, while simultaneously boosting the productivity of development teams, and improving software quality and resiliency. This is a well-defined industry led (real applications) 3-year R&D project involving a consortium of leading universities/research organisations and business partners from around Europe that is in the final stages of signoff. I am looking to form a team (chief commercial officer and maybe chief technical officer (though I will always be close to the tech)) to help me commercialise it, as products emerge from the project from Jan 2025 (ish). Happy to answer questions, get feedback, have holes blown through it!