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    Flight-free travel search engine
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    Context: 2 in 5 UK holidaymakers would rather take a train, ferry or coach than fly (1). This rises to 60.5% for Gen Z travellers and 54% for 25 to 34-year-olds. Problem: Ever looked for a London-Warsaw or Edinburgh-Barcelona route on Trainline? You'll quickly see the problem. Existing search engines are not designed with longer routes in mind, where you might want to have a couple days stopover on the way to your destination, or maybe just a few extra hours before your next connection to explore a new city you're passing through. Solution: A travel search engine which guides you through the process of planning a flight-free trip and lets you book it all in one click. Demo available upon request :) Sources: 1: https://www.byway.travel/blog/flight-free-travel-poll