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Join 60 founders who are
already building solutions to climate change

Scientists and researchers are exploring entrepreneurship as a way to make a more tangible impact on climate. 
Carbon13 will connect you to other purpose-driven individuals and support your team in building an investable startup that will reduce emissions by millions of tonnes. 
design engineer with crop grown in sustainable indoor farm

What is Carbon13?​

Carbon13 is the venture builder for the climate emergency –  we are selecting and supporting 1000 entrepreneurs over 5 years who will build scalable ventures with the potential to reduce carbon emissions by over 400 million tonnes.


We support scientists who are passionate about the planet and see the urgency of the climate crisis. You would join our Venture Builder, team up with a fellow entrepreneur, and build a high-growth biotech startup which will significantly reduce emissions and limit climate change. 


Our founders are leveraging biotech in emitting sectors such as food, concrete, carbon capture, agriculture, and materials. 

You bring your talent and commitment to reducing carbon emissions. We bring everything else you need to make progress on a venture. 

Through our venture builder, you will: 

Form a cofounding team with commercial or technical founders.

Understand the biggest challenges and opportunities in net zero.

Get your venture investment ready and pitch for net £80,000.

Join a cohort of more than 60 entrepreneurs, and our ecosystem of experts.

Our Biotech Ventures

Carbon13 grew out of the Cambridge tech ecosystem. Since March 2021, over 200 people (many first time founders) on our venture builder programme have teamed up to launch over 70 emissions-reducing ventures. 


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Emeralga Biotech

Emeralga Biotech employs novel biotechnology to process microalgae grown from  wastewater from the food and beverage industry to  generate by-products like proteins, vitamins and nutrients.


Croptimise is a network of computer vision enabled smart traps to track pests and combining this with state-of-the-art machine learning models to build accurate and actionable pest forecasts.  

BioZeroc are a biomaterials science company using biotechnology to create carbon-negative construction materials.

Tierra Foods is a food company for the 21st Century. 

They are optimising the potential of highly nutritious, but under-used plants from the Central American rainforest into innovative, carbon-negative ingredients for B2B.

Food Squared upcycles byproducts from food manufacturing into sustainable plant-based ingredients for the alternative protein industry, expanding the ingredient landscape beyond the current range of virgin wheat, pea, and soy.