Join us if

Join us if

We are actively seeking diverse, untapped talent to join our programmes. Humanity needs all of its available tools to tackle this threat to our collective future.

You should join us if you are committed to, or wish to explore, creating a scalable startup with the potential to reduce CO2e emissions by at least 10 million tonnes per annum.

Join us and help fight the climate emergency
Entrepreneurs working together on a startup journey

How far along in the entrepreneurial journey do I need to be?

The Venture Builder is:

  • for those just starting on the entrepreneurial journey
  • for experienced entrepreneurs who want to start a new venture in combating climate change through carbon emission reduction
  • for those who already have a startup or business

What everyone applying needs to have in common is the ambition to develop a scalable, investable, carbon-emissions-reducing startup. You do not need a fixed idea, it may be better not to have one, and to maintain flexibility while investigating the feasibility, desirability and viability of ideas. 


You apply as an individual, not as a team – if you are already in a team, each of you should apply separately.

Our target industries

We need entrepreneurs to pave the way to develop and deliver innovation that will make a significant difference to carbon emissions. 

We are looking for entrepreneurs who have experience in or are excited about creating innovation in the key industries listed below:


How can consumer-facing businesses meet the growing demand for zero carbon products?

Agriculture and Food

How can we reduce emissions whilst meeting the growing population’s demand for food?


How can we power the world without burning fossil fuels and contributing to increased CO2 levels?


How can financial institutions leverage the opportunities opened up by the green industrial revolution?

Construction and housing

How can the construction industry ensure minimization of energy use when developing buildings?


How can industry streamline to ensure processes are efficient and circular?

Transport, mobility and logistics

How can we continue our mobility, whilst eliminating the current transportation emissions?


How can the telecoms industry develop infrastructure that enables and supports new solutions to tackle climate change?

Our target industries are not exhaustive, if you believe you can create a venture with the potential to reduce CO2e emissions, we would love to hear from you.

Who should join us?

We recognise that fighting climate change is a complex mission, one which requires a multitude of talented entrepreneurs to come together to create ambitious and proactive founding teams. 


That’s why we are looking for a range of individuals with a multitude of talents in different areas of the professional world. 

Technical founder/computer scientist/ engineer

Technical founders

You are likely a computer scientist, developer, an engineer, or someone with specialist technical knowledge relating to one of the carbon emitting sectors.


Your age and experience are less important than your ability. In a venture, you will be responsible for leading the development of the technology to at least proof of concept stage.

Commercial founders

You likely have eight or more years post-Bachelors experience, in startups or in industry, in one of our carbon emitting sectors. You will be responsible for building the critical relationships the venture needs, and for leading the building of the execution team.

Commercial founder, industry experience, carbon emitting sectors
Venture catalyst founder, startups,

Venture catalyst founders

Someone with skills, whether earned in the startup world or elsewhere, which would help any startup team: design, product management, enterprise sales, or others. 

Diversity and Inclusion

At Carbon13 we want to bring potential co-founders together, because we recognise the founding teams most likely to achieve breakthroughs are those which are diverse in thought and background, so we actively welcome applicants who can build these teams and achieve our mission.   


Through our Venture Builder, we want to play our part in changing the landscape for diverse founders. For more information, please check out our Diversity and Inclusion policy.

Diversity and inclusion policy