There's only one requirement to apply to Carbon13

If you want to build a venture which has the potential to reduce emissions by 10 million tonnes, then you should apply to become a founder with us. 

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What does a typical founder look like?

There is no such thing as a typical founder with Carbon13.  We are searching for 50 founders from a variety of technical and commercial backgrounds to join the next cohort of our Venture Builder programme. 

But there is no list of requirements or job spec. We recognise that fighting climate change is a complex mission, one which requires a multitude of talented people to come together to create ambitious and proactive founding teams.   

That’s why we are looking for a range of individuals with a variety of talents in different areas.   

There are three broad categories of people who apply to Carbon13. We call them Founder Types.  Whichever type fits you, you’ll be highly motivated by reducing emissions, and to dedicating your career to addressing the climate crisis. 

To see where you fit, read our Founder Types below.  

Technical founders

You are likely a computer scientist, developer, an engineer, or someone with specialist technical knowledge relating to one of the CO₂e emitting sectors. 

You’ll be highly motivated to work on the biggest problems of Net Zero, and see entrepreneurship as your chance to build something significant.

Your age and experience are less important than your ability. In a venture, you will be the CTO, responsible for leading the development of the technology to at least proof of concept stage. 

Commercial founders

You will likely have built a startup (or more than one) previously, or are new to entrepreneurship but have an impressive track record in one of our CO₂e emitting sectors. You are likely to have eight or more years post-Bachelors experience.

You now want to work with cofounders who can match your standards, challenge you, and credibly deliver on the high-potential big-impact ideas in Net Zero. 
You will be the CEO, responsible for building the critical relationships the venture needs, and for leading the building of the execution team.  

Venture catalyst founders

There is no such thing as a typical founder. This Founder Type is for those of you who don’t fit in a neat box but who do have valuable insights and skills, whether earned in the startup world or elsewhere, which would help any startup team. Skills can include enterprise sales, design, product management, or others. 

Can you apply if you have a startup already?

You do not need a startup or startup idea to apply to Carbon13, but if you already have an idea or are working on an early-stage startup, you should absolutely apply. The programme is designed to support founders who come to us with or without an idea.

Technical founders:

  • If you are a data scientist, a software developer, an AI/ML specialist: you may join with or without an idea for a startup.
  • If your work as a scientist or engineer is rooted in the physical or natural sciences: typically we would expect you to come with the beginnings of an idea, or at least a domain space that you intend to explore for startup opportunities.
Commercial or Venture Catalyst founders: Most Commercial or Venture Catalyst founders join in the expectation of working up an idea in collaboration with a Technical founder. Of course, your cofounder will welcome you having your own ideas, especially if you:
  • have validated your ideas with customers.
  • have domain spaces in which you feel particularly passionate about making an impact.

Therefore normally, if you have a specific idea that you want to pursue, as a commercial or venture catalyst founder you should be bringing the first customers for that idea to the table with you.

But remember, if you have an idea and you apply to the Venture Builder, we assess you on your potential as an individual, not on the strength of your idea.

Our target industries

We need entrepreneurs to pave the way to develop and deliver innovation that will make a significant difference to carbon emissions.  

We are looking for entrepreneurs who have experience in or are excited about creating innovation in the key industries listed below: 


Decarbonising energy is well under way, but we need to accelerate the trajectory.  How can we power the world? 

Agriculture and Food

How can we reduce emissions while meeting the growing demand for food? 

Buildings and construction

How can the construction industry ensure minimization of energy use when developing and retrofitting buildings and infrastructure?


How can industry streamline to decarbonise processes and ensure they are efficient and circular? 

Transport, mobility and logistics

How can we continue our mobility, whilst eliminating the current transportation emissions?


How can consumer-facing businesses meet the growing demand for zero carbon products? 


How can financial institutions leverage the opportunities opened up by the green industrial revolution?

Our target industries are not exhaustive, if you believe you can create a venture with the potential to reduce CO2e emissions, we would love to hear from you. 

Diversity and inclusion policy

Diversity and Inclusion

At Carbon13 we want to bring potential co-founders together, because we recognise the founding teams most likely to achieve breakthroughs are those which are diverse in thought and background, so we actively welcome applicants who can build these teams and achieve our mission.    


Through our Venture Builder, we want to play our part in changing the landscape for diverse founders. For more information, please check out our Diversity and Inclusion policy.