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Building carbon removal ventures with Carbon13

How founders use Carbon13’s venture builder to launch carbon removal ventures

Upcoming dates:

Monday 11th July 2022 – 1pm – 2pm BST

About this Event

Welcome to Carbon13’s webinar, open to anyone working on a carbon removal venture – or looking to do so.

This webinar will look at the most urgent challenges in carbon removal for entrepreneurs who want to contribute to the global effort to reach Net Zero and build a venture that can credibly, measurably and significantly reduce CO2e emissions.

This webinar will also introduce Carbon13’s approach to supporting founders to launch carbon removal ventures, including:

  • Finding the right cofounder for a complex science-based venture
  • Maximising the total potential carbon removal and communicating it to investors and customers
  • Building an investable startup for scaling impact

The webinar will by hosted by Dr Nicky Dee, Chief Sustainability and Innovation Officer at Carbon13. 

Who this webinar is for

This webinar is both for founders already working on a Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) idea, or those new to climate entrepreneurship. This webinar will help you understand what you can do to get past the prototype and lay the groundwork for a scalable venture. 

Carbon13 is based in Cambridge UK, but the mostly-remote programme is open to everyone around the world. 

About Carbon13

CDR is crucial for the global effort to reach Net Zero. Whether it’s a nature-based solution such as afforestation or algae, or science-based such as DAC, founders use Carbon13 to produce true breakthroughs, not incremental solutions. 

If you want to fight climate change, then Carbon13 is currently the strongest launchpad for you to build a climate venture from scratch—we’ve made pre-seed investments in 20 teams in the last 8 months, including ventures in carbon removal and methane capture. 

We only work with early stage founders who can team up with serial entrepreneurs, scientists, developers, carbon experts and industry folks (who make up the rest of our cohorts) to build ventures that can reduce CO2e emissions by 10 million tonnes a year.

Working on an MVP?

Unlike accelerators, you do NOT need an idea or MVP to join Carbon13, though you can apply with one if you do. For those of you without a fixed idea, you will either be supported to find an idea to develop which can significantly reduce emissions, or join a cofounder/team with strong insights into an emitting industry and lead the implementation of their validated customer pain points. 

How does Carbon13 work?

On Carbon13 you are building a startup as part of a cohort of 70 founders. You are not sat in a room being told what you already know. Our programme is designed to 10x the work you’re doing, because the planet doesn’t have time to waste on theory or incremental ideas.

Phase 1: Teaming in 6 weeks

You will find a cofounder in the first 6 weeks. If you are a scientist bringing CDR IP, you most likely will team up with a founder with a proven track record in founding startups or leadership in emitting sectors. If you’re a CEO/cofounder, you’ll find a technical cofounder capable of leading the development of the breakthrough product. 90% of the 70 founders on the cohort form teams within 6 weeks.

Phase 2: Ideation & Validation in 9 weeks

Your team will intensely work on:

Team strengthening | Carbon intelligence | Rapid iterations of concepts | Business model forming | Prototype testing | Intellectual property | Customer development | Stakeholder development | Behaviour change | Governance | Venture incorporation

Phase 3: Acceleration in 4 months

After Phase 2, we invest pre-seed into 12-14 ventures. They then use Phase 3 to focus on market, product, business model and strategy to prepare the venture for further seed-stage investment. We also help you look at scaling strategies, managing growth pains and developing a funding strategy.

The next cohort will begin in Cambridge, UK on 19 September 2022.  Applications are open now.