How to build a Net Zero startup with Carbon13: for founders from a corporate or entrepreneurial background. Whether you’ve already grown a startup or are new to entrepreneurship, this webinar will introduce you to Net Zero entrepreneurship and to Carbon13’s Venture Builder.
This webinar is open to scientists, developers and engineers ready to focus on the biggest challenges and contribute to the global effort to reach Net Zero and build a venture that can credibly, measurably and significantly reduce CO₂e emissions.
This webinar is open to developers, machine learning specialists and data scientists. We will introduce you to our venture builder and discuss how you can make an impact on carbon through founding a startup with Carbon13.
20+ teams, brought together by Carbon13’s programme, will be pitching their climate focused ventures to the public for the very first time.
Join Carbon13 on our Community Input Days on 12 and 13 January from 9:30-16:30 GMT.
What does building a venture to reduce humanity’s emissions actually look like in practice?
These webinar recordings introduce the Carbon13 model and look at the opportunities entrepreneurs can take to build high impact startups which have a significant impact on carbon emissions.