Women in Sustainable Entrepreneurship

How female leaders can make a meaningful impact on emissions through a Net Zero startup.

About this Event

“You can’t be what you can’t see”

Join Carbon13’s female founders as we share our experiences of fighting climate change through founding scalable startups.
We’ll share our experiences, discuss why we changed our careers to become founders, and talk about the impact we intend to make through entrepreneurship.
So, if you’re deeply concerned by climate change and want to understand how you could become a founder of a Net Zero startup, then you’re warmly invited to this webinar.

We hope you’ll be inspired by our stories, and empowered to launch your own Net Zero startup too.

We’ll also invite you to join our open discussions on:

  • How to build a startup for the climate where profit is not the sole motive
  • Why Net Zero needs female leaders to build ventures to bring about change
  • How to use your skills, career and experiences to be a founder; how to play to your strengths and understand what you bring to the table
  • How the Carbon13 Venture Builder works, and what we look for in applicants
  • Why female leadership is so important to Carbon13’s mission (Carbon13’s own founding team is 50% female)

This webinar will be hosted by Dr Nicky Dee, Carbon13’s Co-founder and Chief Sustainability and Innovation Officer. Nicky is a mother of two, associate at St Johns Innovation Centre, and has a PhD from the University of Cambridge in environmental technology management. She has worked with UNEP, DfID, Nesta, Defra, Climate KIC, Unilever and EU.

“I wanted to join Carbon13 to create a climate change focused startup, to have an impact on my life and on others and to challenge our generation to be better than our actions and to treasure our finite resources.” – Ahrum Pak – Venture Catalyst Founder

“I’d like to build a business that proves that having sustainable goals at your heart can make you more economically successful.” – Vanessa Macdougall – Commercial Founder

Why the climate urgently needs female leadership

Climate change will bring the biggest upheaval to the world as we know it today. The world’s economies have set ambitious targets for decarbonising our economies, targets which mean the wholesale transformation of the way we live, travel, work and raise our families. In the UK alone, we will cut emissions by 78% by 2035, a tiny 14-year span.

Yet once again women are at risk of being left out of the decisions, despite being disproportionately affected by climate change.

Our opportunity to impact decisions is being limited by the same twentieth century thinking that polluted the world in the first place. As we remake the world to save it, women now have the chance to step forward and lead.

Entrepreneurship can be the vehicle for women to shape the world for everybody, help their communities, solve the problems that they experience, and inspire other women to do the same.

About Carbon13

10 million tonnes.

We only develop startups that have the potential to reduce emissions by 10 million tonnes.

Our eight-month Venture Builder programme supports a cohort of 50 founders to form cofounding teams and develop their ideas into commercially successful ventures, each capable of reducing emissions by 10 million tonnes.

These 50 founders are diverse, unique, and represent a broad range of industries and skills. They are all united by one mission: save the climate through an emissions-reducing venture.

Applications are open now to start September 2021. Explore the programme here.