Startup innovation is necessary to tackle the climate emergency

Carbon13 is the venture builder for the climate emergency. We bring together talented founders with experts, experienced entrepreneurs and investors to build and invest in ventures that can make significant impact on CO2e emissions.

You can apply to join us even without an idea or a business – our process supports you to team up with a complementary founder, ideate and validate, find customers and then, once we’ve invested in you, prepare to build a lasting and fast-scaling venture.


Humanity needs innovators like you to come together and find new ways to reduce emissions through scalable, commercial, carbon-emission-reducing startups.

Apply to our Venture Builder. Invest in our startups. Partner with our work. Join us.

Our Mission

Over the next five years Carbon13 will bring diverse and amazing people together to create scalable ventures with the combined potential to reduce CO2e emissions by 400 million tonnes (Or 1% of global emissions).

We provide the opportunity to build teams, bypass barriers and access expertise and finance to create impactful startups that address the climate emergency.

our mission is to reduce global emissions by 1 percent over 5 years

We caused it. Let's fix it.