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Our Climate Tech venture portfolio

46 innovative carbon emissions-mitigating startups have been launched so far by Carbon13’s Venture Builder to tackle the Climate Emergency.

Each venture that you see on this page has the potential to reduce CO₂e emissions by at least 10 million tonnes per annum. 

Our ventures by Net Zero categories

Net Zero Materials and Chemicals

Materials Nexus is revolutionising how new low-carbon materials are discovered and developed using their AI platform.

BioZeroc are a biomaterials science company using biotechnology to create carbon-negative construction materials. 


17Cicada is developing a bacterial platform for the production of chemicals from waste. Their first-of-its-kind technology produces building blocks for bioplastics, textiles, cosmetic and more. 


Nium uses nanotechnology to decarbonise chemistry. They are starting with the #1 industrial chemical polluter: Ammonia. 

Emeralga Biotech

Emeralga Biotech employs novel biotechnology to process microalgae grown from  wastewater from the food and beverage industry to  generate by-products like proteins, vitamins and nutrients. 


Circular11 turns low-grade plastic waste into building materials and home products. In doing so, they create an end-market for the contaminated and film-based plastics that make up between 50 and 80% of global packaging waste.Circular11 turns lowgrade plastic waste into building materials and home products. Indoing so, theycreate an endmarket for the contaminated and filmbased plastics thatmake up between 50 and80% of global packaging waste.


Zori Tex’s mission is to eliminate textile waste to landfill and incineration. Their solution unlocks the value of circular textiles through technology innovations in sorted feedstock availability, enabling the new textile-to-textile recycling market to rapidly scale and supporting a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Phoenix Carbon is a disruptive, composite recycling process that goes beyond the state of the art. Phoenix Carbon is the enabler for a composite circular economy across Aero, Auto, Marine and Leisure sectors.

Vundahaus is industrialising the process of insulating homes. Their off-site manufactured wall system reduces installation time by 4x and avoids skilled trades – unlocking retrofit at scale. 

Natural Building Systems are passionate about enabling and creating more efficient, affordable and environmentally friendly buildings.

Net Zero Transport

Electric vehicles promise a future of clean mobility, but their supply chains are complex, opaque and far from clean. Infyos is building a future where every electric vehicle battery is sustainable.

Shanti is enabling safer urban life through smart data, helping people walk, cycle and use public transportation by providing safer routes. 

The Battery Recycling Company

The Battery Recycling Company (TBRC) is a deep tech startup, aiming to build the world’s first carbon-negative closed-loop battery recycling system by end 2023 -enabling the re-use of over 95% of materials currently used in EV Lithium-ion batteries.

Net Zero Energy


Biofuels from waste. Converting renewable energy and organic waste into liquid fuels.

PuriFire Labs is a circular waste technologies company. Their patented technology converts plastic and other municipal waste into value-added products such as animal feed and electricity with minimal upfront sorting.

Bluemethane is a technology company developing a breakthrough data platform and hardware solution to sense and capture methane emissions from water.


Sunjul is the first impartial decision-making platform designed specifically for agrivoltaics, incorporating geospatial data on crop yield, water use, soil erosion and solar energy generation over the 30-year life of any project.

Installing solar with batteries for free in homes and businesses. Using AI to remotely control these distributed systems to maximize electricity savings and investor returns

AED Energy

Thermal batteries for energy storage and industrial decarbonisation.

Open Hydro

Open Hydro’s platform builds on sector-specific knowledge and standardized reporting by the hydropower industry to assess carbon emissions and climate change impacts and plan actions.

Ki Hydrogen

Ki Hydrogen is a deep-tech venture developing scalable waste-to-hydrogen technology that produces green hydrogen using 75% less energy compared with water electrolysis.

Net Zero Food System

Agreed Earth’s mission is to accelerate the adoption of regenerative farming practices to reduce global carbon emissions and improve the profitability of the farms themselves.


Croptimise is a network of computer vision enabled smart traps to track pests and combining this with state-of-the-art machine learning models to build accurate and actionable pest forecasts.  


Elaniti is developing an in-situ device to measure the soil microbiome – utilising physics, microbiology, biochemistry, and machine learning. They will enable a viable transition to regenerative agriculture.

Food Squared upcycles byproducts from food manufacturing into sustainable plant-based ingredients for the alternative protein industry, expanding the ingredient landscape beyond the current range of virgin wheat, pea, and soy.

Lime Track’s low-friction digital B2B food waste management platform ensures that food waste is cost-effectively collected, tracked and processed, and that Scope 1 and Scope 3 emissions are reduced and accurately reported.

Sun Bear Bioworks

Sun Bear Bioworks is on a mission to reimagine farming with precision fermentation to produce healthier and sustainable everyday ingredients for the food, cosmetics, medical and fuel industries.

Tierra Foods is a food company for the 21st Century. They are optimising the potential of highly nutritious, but under-used plants from the Central American rainforest into innovative, carbon-negative ingredients for B2B. 

Exploiting novel marine yeast to produce sustainable food by precision fermentation. 

NatureBound is on a mission to regenerate the biodiversity that underpins our food system

Samudra Oceans

AI and robotics for ocean farming to create Blue Carbon at Scale.

Platforms Enabling Net Zero

Insenti is a software company that helps companies decarbonise their supply chains by identifying the most effective nature-based insetting projects for carbon and biodiversity. 

Kita’s purpose is to be a new type of insurance company. Our vision is to be the world’s first “carbon insurer”, covering the risk that carbon sequestration solutions under deliver against their promised carbon removal targets (“carbon delivery risk”).

Mortar IO

Mortar IO is on a mission  to supercharge and de-risk retrofits. Mortar IO’s breakthrough technology helps organizations understand how to achieve net zero for entire portfolios in minutes, rather than months.

Offgrid.Finance works with clean and productive-use technology vendors to provide financing to their SME customers in emerging markets.

Directing more financing to decarbonise the UK economy.


Preoptima is the world’s first AI platform for real-time carbon planning for buildings and cities. They enable high-accuracy carbon calculations during  the ideation process, and thus, drive carbon reduction of hundreds of megatons.

reScope’s mission is to disrupt the climate intelligence space. They support investors’ strategic management of the transition and provide them with the necessary evidence to shift from brown to green investments.

xtonnes is next generation carbon management platform empowering enterprises of any size to reduce emissions and start their journey to Net Zero.

Kestrix is using mass drone image capture and AI to identify heat leaks and retrofit opportunities in buildings, unlocking portfolio decarbonisation at scale. 

B2B solution to help organisations embed sustainability and climate action into their culture.

Accelerate Net Zero with Accurate Data for Financial Markets.

Clean, urban, local manufacturing of custom-fit clothing possible via their proprietary hardware & software.

Carbon13’s mission is to use entrepreneurship to reduce emissions by at least 400m tonnes per annum. It was founded with a belief that diversity in entrepreneurial founders is an important part of bringing the “think different” mindsets and perspectives to the fore which can achieve the kinds of breakthroughs required by the Net Zero challenge. It is notable therefore that 27 of the 46 ventures have female founders, and 17 have minority ethnic leaders. In Cohort 3 alone, 75% of the ventures have teams of more than one nationality, with founders from America, Asia, Europe and Africa. 

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