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Eight innovative carbon emissions-mitigating startups have been launched so far by Carbon13’s Venture Builder for the Climate Emergency and have received a total investment of £1 million plus in-kind support to fast track their development into highly scalable Net Zero ventures.

Each startup that you see on this page has the potential to reduce CO₂e emissions by at least 10 million tonnes per annum. 

Our ventures

xtonnes is next generation carbon management platform empowering enterprises of any size to reduce emissions and start their journey to Net Zero.
Offgrid.Finance works with clean and productive-use technology vendors to provide financing to their SME customers in emerging markets.

Agreed Earth’s mission is to accelerate the adoption of regenerative farming practices to reduce global carbon emissions and improve the profitability of the farms themselves.

Materials Nexus is revolutionising how new low-carbon materials are discovered and developed using their AI platform.

Electric vehicles promise a future of clean mobility, but their supply chains are complex, opaque and far from clean. Infyos is building a future where every electric vehicle battery is sustainable.

Tierra Foods is a food company for the 21st Century. 

They are optimising the potential of highly nutritious, but under-used plants from the Central American rainforest into innovative, carbon-negative ingredients for B2B. 

PuriFire Labs is a circular waste technologies company. Their patented technology converts plastic and other municipal waste into value-added products such as animal feed and electricity with minimal upfront sorting.
Windfinity aims to become a world leader in wind energy by acquiring legacy (20-year-old) wind turbines and then operating and maintaining them for another 10+ years.

Carbon13’s mission is to use entrepreneurship to reduce emissions by at least 400m tonnes per annum. It was founded with a belief that diversity in entrepreneurial founders is an important part of bringing the “think different” mindsets and perspectives to the fore which can achieve the kinds of breakthroughs required by the Net Zero challenge. It is notable therefore that three of the ventures are led by female CEOs and four have minority ethnic leaders (including three CEOs.)

This list is about to get longer

Our second cohort began their journey in September 2021 and we’ll be announcing the recipients of our investment soon.

And, if you want to add a startup to this list and become a founder of a high growth startup capable of reducing emissions by 10 million tonnes per year, then applications are now open for our third cohort which will begin in April 2022. 

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