Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high risk investment and you are unlikely to be protected if something goes wrong. Take 2 minutes to learn more.

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high risk investment and you are unlikely to be protected if something goes wrong. Take 2 minutes to learn more.

The Venture Launchpad

The startup accelerator for the climate emergency

Next cohort start: 14th October 2024

Image Reaforma are repurposing construction and manufacturing waste into low carbon building materials

The Carbon13 Venture Launchpad accelerates founders working on the solutions to the climate emergency.

This 20 week programme is about highly bespoke, one-on-one support to make your startup investable and investment ready, and to maximise its potential for emissions reduction and climate impact. You’ll also pitch for investment from Carbon13 of £200,000.

The Venture Launchpad plugs you into an unrivalled ecosystem for climate entrepreneurship that’s already worked with over 650 founders and invested in 71 startups, creating a future decarbonisation potential of 500 million tonnes of CO2e per year.

This is doing, not talking.

“The insights from the Venture Launchpad were truly eye-opening, and now our financial modelling, growth, and go-to market plan are all aligned with our carbon targets.”

Shruti Grover
CEO and Cofounder of Pattern Project

“It’s the bespoke nature of the support, you’re tapping into specialist advice every week… the quality of content is just better.”

Chloe Donovan
MD, Natural Building Systems

“Going through the Carbon13 programme where Reaforma was incepted was the catalyst to jumping into the deep end. I cannot state it any clearer that the Carbon13 Venture Launchpad is THE place to go if you’re looking to take a leap into the world of climatetech.”

Munraj Sembhi
CEO and Cofounder of Reaforma

Who should apply to the Venture Launchpad

The Venture Launchpad supports founding teams of early stage software or deeptech/science-based startups.

To be eligible for the Launchpad, your startup should:

  • Have two or more founders.
  • Be registered in the UK or be able to.
  • Be committed to building a venture with the ambition of reducing emissions by millions of tonnes a year – even if you don’t yet know how your idea will reach that target.

What we look for in a startup team differs depending on whether it's a software or a deeptech/science-based venture. Likewise, our support adapts to the very different challenges faced by those founders.

The strongest ecosystem for climate tech is now your personal brains trust

The Venture Launchpad is a highly personalised programme to your venture’s specific milestones. Carbon13 can achieve this because our ecosystem is one of the strongest and richest support systems in climate tech entrepreneurship today. Think of us as one giant brains trust focused on entrepreneurship and carbon reduction.

Domain Experts

over 350 with sector specific, entrepreneurial, and technical expertise, mission driven for the climate

Corporate partners

such as EY, Arm, and Barclays Eagle Labs, eager to work with startups

Entrepreneurs in Residence

who embed into your startup. All are successful founders themselves.

Carbon experts

who guide and push you to maximise your carbon impact, then quantify it for a Carbon Case.

Investor partners

support you on your investment readiness and your long term fundraising strategy.

At a glance

Across two Phases of ten weeks, founders will rapidly develop their venture.

01 - The key benefits
  • Carbon Pitch and carbon case for net 10 million tonnes of CO2e emissions reduction per year
  • 1-1 weekly deep dives with Entrepreneurs-In-Residence (all successful founders)
  • Milestones on product/market fit, go-to-market, and team and culture.
  • Investment Pitch and strategy for raising the next round
  • Opportunity for pre-seed investment from Carbon13 of £200,000
  • Investor networking
  • Presentation at a Climate Innovation Showcase to partners and investors
02 - The application process
  • Early bird applications for Venture Launchpad Cohort 4 will close on the 12th July.
  • The final deadline for applications will be the 10th September.
  • Applications are assessed on a rolling basis so we strongly recommend you do not wait for the deadline but apply as soon as you are ready.
  • The first step is a written application form. This will also require you to film a two minute video.
  • Successful candidates will then be invited to interview.
03 - The Venture Launchpad structure
  • The next cohort starts October 2024
  • 20 week programme is split across two Phases of 10 weeks.
  • 4-5 hours of mandatory, and 4-5 hours opt-in programming a week, all remote.
  • Opportunity to pitch for investment of £200,000 at the end of Phase 1 in February 2025. Only invested companies progress to Phase 2.
  • In-person pitch opportunity at our Showcase at the end of Phase 2, to an audience of invited investors and partners.
Puja Balachander Amy Ma Danu Robotics Venture Launchpad 1

Puja Balachander walks with Venture Launchpad alumna Amy Ma of Danu Robotics

Got questions?

Book a short call with Carbon13’s Director of Venture, Puja Balachander. She can answer questions on eligibility, how to make a good application, or whether the programme is right for your startup.


We’re proud to partner with Barclays Eagle Labs for the Venture Launchpad, this next cohort will be our third together. Carbon13 and Barclays Eagle Labs share the mission of supporting the UK’s entrepreneurial community to scale and succeed.

Barclays Eagle Labs provides a wealth of support to the Venture Launchpad, including expertise, events, access to mentors, and opportunities for alumni.

The result is an even stronger ecosystem for founders: the pooled knowledge, networks and resources create opportunities for our startups not just for the duration of the programmes, but for the whole scaling journey.

Our Beliefs

We believe entrepreneurs will change the trajectory of the world, not through old models, or the wisdom of crowds, but by exploring areas where no footprints exist.

This uncharted territory requires a technical approach, one with carbon aptitude and carbon maths, accelerated by leaps of visionary imagination.

Our Cambridge origins taught us the importance of world-class carbon, commercial and scientific understanding.

We are a people business. We care deeply about the success of those who choose to take giant steps.

Real transformation doesn’t come from a single individual but unencumbered communities with original thought.
Our entrepreneurs will test traditions, render new vision, and have the courage to ask the contrarian questions, because ultimately they are the creative force that will adjust economies for a net zero future.