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You can discover how to come up with a good idea for a net zero startup, what the push to net-zero will look like and introduce yourself to the Carbon13’s Venture Builder.

Carbon13 announce partnership with Arm to support Net Zero entrepreneurs in Cambridge

We share with you four observations around climate innovation that we don’t think are as widely understood as they need to be.

Global law firm DLA Piper has partnered with Carbon13 to support our founders as they scale their ventures.

Investors are drawn to climate-change entrepreneurs as society realises it faces a ‘world war’-like threat requiring sustained engagement

In startups, it’s widely understood that “Ideas are Easy, Execution is Everything.”  Everyone is told that ideas are ten a penny, and that bringing the innovation to life is what matters.  This is, of course, an oversimplification – our video and blog will shed light on this topic for you in the Net Zero economy.  

How do we get to net zero? And how do entrepreneurs leverage the opportunities and build scalable ventures? This article will provide you with an insight into the pathway to net zero available to entrepreneurs and startups in the Net Zero economy, to support the effort to reach net zero targets set across the globe.   

2021 is the year of action on the climate crisis. It will almost certainly be the hottest year on record, just like the last 5 years. Investors are scrambling to take advantage of the biggest business opportunity of the next 50 years, and in response, Carbon13’s year ahead will see our first cohort of extraordinary scientists, software developers, engineers, serial entrepreneurs, and industry experienced folks begin the Venture Builder.

A message on our sponsors from Carbon13’s Chief Sustainability and Innovation Officer – 

Dr Nicky Dee.

Carbon13 is delighted to announce its partnership with bp ventures.

Carbon13 and Maritime UK are forming a partnership to unleash the biggest generator of game-changing innovation – our people.

What does building a venture to reduce humanity’s emissions actually look like in practice?


Our webinar recordings introduce the Carbon13 model and look at the opportunities entrepreneurs can take to build high impact startups which have a significant impact on carbon emissions.

We also explore how Carbon13’s specialised support for founders means they can form a team capable of game-changing innovation, maximise their potential to reduce carbon, and de-risk the first few months of the venture’s development.