Introduction to Carbon13 for founders without an idea

This webinar is an introduction to Carbon13’s Venture Builder, for founders who do not yet have a clear idea for a decarbonisation venture.

Upcoming dates:

25th Jan 2023 – 18:00-19:00 GMT

About this Event

This webinar is an introduction to Carbon13’s Venture Builder, for founders without an idea, founders cautious about their idea and those with too many ideas but not sure what to focus on.

We will discuss the process for developing a high-growth decarbonisation venture, the venture capital route for funding these ventures and why it is currently the faster and often surer route for launching complex projects with a high decarbonisation impact.

Finally, we will cover how you can use Carbon13 to launch such a venture: how to move your concepts past TRL3-5 faster than is possible outside the “climate tech” space, or how to find the highest impact opportunity for your IP, or where software can have the biggest impact on decarbonisation.

In short, founders use Carbon13 to find the right cofounder, maximise the total addressable carbon reduction, and build an investable startup to deliver the maximum impact.

Who this webinar is for

This webinar is for individuals or teams who have not yet settled on an idea for a climate venture already, and need more insight on the Carbon13 Venture Builder process.

You now want to understand how to take your venture idea to 10 million tonnes per annum of emissions reduction, with a commercial strategy to match.

You may also be looking for a second or third cofounder with the same commitment and appetite for innovation that you have. We’ll cover how the programme supports founders with ideas to build a team, credible to investors, customers and stakeholders.

Carbon13 is based in Cambridge (UK) and Berlin (GER), but the mostly-remote programme is open to everyone around the world.

How does Carbon13 work?

Our programme is designed to 10x the work you’re already doing on your idea. The programme is designed to give you freedom and control over your venture, not to straitjacket your team. Below is the structure of the programme and we will explore this in more detail on the webinar (with plenty of time for questions on how it applies to your venture).

The programme is designed to support you to get your ideas in front of as many people as possible who want to help, so you don’t waste time building something the market doesn’t want.

Likewise, to avoid giving the wrong story to investors and losing opportunities, you’ll work intensively with our experts to build a strong investment strategy. If we invest in your venture after Phase 2, your startup will be accelerated by our impact-driven money which prioritises decarbonisation above all else.

And while your idea may be brilliant, the programme helps you to focus on your growth as a founder too.

On Carbon13 you are building your startup as part of a cohort of 70 founders. This tight-knit purpose-driven cohort mutually supports each other through the highs and lows, seeding the breakthrough ideas that can only come from cross-disciplinary work.

Phase 1: Teaming in 6 weeks

If you’re an individual, you will find a cofounder in the first 6 weeks. If a team, you may add a third cofounder. Typically, technical founders with a science, engineering or software background team up with commercial founders with a proven track record in founding startups or leadership in emitting sectors. On average 90% of the 70 founders on the cohort form teams within 6 weeks.

Phase 2: Ideation & Validation in 9 weeks

Your team will intensely work on:

Team strengthening | Carbon intelligence | Rapid iterations of concepts | Business model forming | Prototype testing | Intellectual property | Customer development | Stakeholder development | Behaviour change | Governance | Venture incorporation

Phase 3: Acceleration in 4 months

After Phase 2, we invest pre-seed into 12-14 ventures. They then use Phase 3 to focus on market, product, business model and strategy to prepare the venture for further seed-stage investment. We also help you look at scaling strategies, managing growth pains and developing a funding strategy.

The next cohort will begin in Cambridge, UK on 14 March 2022 and in Europe on 18th April 2022.  Applications are open now.