Introducing Carbon13 Europe

Launching the European Venture Builder programme  located in Berlin designed for those who are able to work within the EU. 

Become a founder of a high impact climatetech venture

Carbon13’s Venture Builder is expanding to Europe, located in Berlin, and linking the deep climatetech ecosystem in Cambridge with the heart of innovation in the EU. The programme is open to those who are currently able to work in the EU. 

Carbon13 Europe has one goal, to fast-track founders, from individuals with purpose to high performance teams building scalable climatetech ventures, each with the potential to reduce CO2e emissions by 10 million tonnes a year.

"Berlin is now one of the most attractive cities for climatetech entrepreneurs, thanks to its vibrant culture and location in the heart of the EU, a region leading the world in climatetech innovation, action, and investment. By building this bridge between Berlin and the Cambridge innovation hotspot, Carbon13 cohorts will be able to leverage both ecosystems. I'm very excited to see what our founders will build.
Michael Langguth
Cofounder of Carbon13, leading our work in Germany

At a glance

As a founder, you’ll join a diverse cohort of 70+ talented, purpose-driven individuals, all looking for a cofounder, all committed to launching a climatetech venture now. You will work to build a solution which can make a sustained climate impact, build Carbon Intelligence, pitch to our Investment Committee for pre-seed investment, and then prepare the venture for further seed-stage investment.

This work is spread across three main phases of the eight month programme: Teaming/Ideation, Validation, and Acceleration.

Carbon13 Europe Cohort 1 will start on the 21st February 2023. Most of the Venture Builder is virtual, however there are mandatory in-person days in Berlin. The dates for Phase 1 are:

21-23 Feb, 7-9 Mar, 21-23 Mar.

Applications are open now. You will need to be able to work within the EU to apply for this programme. If that is not the case then please review our Cambridge Venture Builder programme which does take applications from both the UK and around the world. 

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Our ventures

Since 2021, we have invested in 32 ventures built through our programmes. To view our complete portfolio click here.

These ventures received investment from the Carbon13 SEIS Fund. Investors can find more information here.

Ready to join?

Kita’s purpose is to be a new type of insurance company. Our vision is to be the world’s first “carbon insurer”, covering the risk that carbon sequestration solutions under deliver against their promised carbon removal targets (“carbon delivery risk”).

BioZeroc are a biomaterials science company using biotechnology to create carbon-negative construction materials.

Materials Nexus is revolutionising how new low-carbon materials are discovered and developed using their AI platform.

Bluemethane is a technology company developing a breakthrough data platform and hardware solution to sense and capture methane emissions from water.


Preoptima is the world’s first AI platform for real-time carbon planning for buildings and cities. They enable high-accuracy carbon calculations during  the ideation process, and thus, drive carbon reduction of hundreds of megatons.