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Our community

Carbon13 Community

Join the Carbon13 community to connect with co-founders, Entrepreneurs in Residence, Domain Experts, investors and others who have a desire to support ventures in mitigating carbon. 

The Carbon13 community is one where every contributor is respected and valued.  We draw on all of humanity’s talent pools to address the climate innovation challenge, and value diversity for the impact it makes on better problem solving.

We are seeking to add to our corps of Domain Experts to assist us in the establishment and scaling of our ambitious and ground-breaking climate ventures. Domain Experts and Startup Experts are highly valued members of the Carbon13 community, who bring their significant business and technical knowledge to bear on the success of our cohorts of ventures.  

Abi Aspen Glenmore pitches ideas to investors


We work with a wide range of investors to support our startups.  Most are focused on the impact they can make as well as on the financial returns—but the opportunity the carbon revolution provides is so substantial and urgent– estimated at $8 trillion in new spending by 2030 in materials, energy and cities alone–  that investing in potential carbon-emissions-reducing startups purely as a financial investment is also justifiable.

Corporate partners

Corporates partners work with us because they want to achieve ‘net zero’ emissions and will work with the Carbon13 community of startups to get there. They join the Carbon13 community as investors, clients or partners of our startups whom they then provide with early piloting, customers, talent and expertise.



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