An introduction to Carbon13: for Developers, Machine Learning specialists and Data Scientists

Discover how you can significantly reduce carbon emissions and prove it credibly to investors, customers and stakeholders with Carbon13.

Upcoming dates:

Tuesday 14 December 2021 – 6:45-7:45 pm GMT

Monday 24 January 2022 – 6:45-7:45 pm GMT

About this Event

Carbon13 supports developers, machine learning specialists and data scientists to become founders of high growth startups which can credibly, measurably and significantly reduce CO2e emissions. We do this through our venture builder for the climate emergency.

30% of the ventures formed through Carbon13’s current cohort are underpinned by AI, ML and IoT technologies, deployed in emitting sectors such as agriculture, transport and energy.

This webinar is an introduction to our venture builder’s seven-month programme and will discuss how you can make an impact on carbon through founding a startup through Carbon13’s programme.

You will learn how Carbon13 supports founders “to get past the prototype”, understand the biggest opportunities in Net Zero, and rapidly scale up early-stage innovations into game-changing solutions for the climate.
Carbon13 is the only venture builder hyper-focused on reducing emissions and we ask founders to commit to founding a venture with the potential to reduce emissions by millions of tonnes. The climate needs nothing less.

What you’ll learn

If you are ready to start building a venture with carbon emissions reduction as its purpose, then our webinar will demonstrate how Carbon13 supports founders to build high growth startups, including:
  • How to use your technical background to create a product that customers want – on a scale big enough to make a worthwhile impact on carbon emissions
  • How to genuinely reduce carbon emissions and prove it credibly to investors, customers and stakeholders
  • How you will understand, quickly, the challenges of Net Zero and sustainability, as well as the best practices in entrepreneurship
  • How you are supported to find an experienced, purpose-driven commercial cofounder who can help you commercialise your idea
  • How to secure investment for your high growth startup in the net zero economy
  • How our network of experts will guide you, to use your technical abilities to make the biggest impact on emissions
  • How to de-risk your entrepreneurial journey with Carbon13’s venture builder (incl. the stipend for founders and potential pre-seed investment)

Send to a friend

Please send our webinars and venture builder to anyone and everyone strongly motivated by the climate emergency, who believes as we do in the potential for entrepreneurship to be one of the vectors for change that our planet needs. 

To fight the climate emergency, we need our best minds working on innovative solutions and we intend to support them every way we can. In particular, we support talented people such as:   

  • Engineers, scientists or developers, with expertise which they want to use to create a venture because entrepreneurship is their chosen way to quickly make a significant impact and work on the biggest challenges in Net Zero. 
  • Entrepreneurs looking for their next big challenge ideally in the climate change space. They are most probably in a search of the right idea and value proposition, and want to meet a co-founder with deep expertise in technology or the climate space. 
  • Other experienced folks with relevant industry expertise and networks (e.g. in energy, transport, agriculture, food, buildings, manufacturing) or startup expertise (sales, product management, design). 
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Hear from our founders

Check out what cohort members say about us, to help you decide if you should join us:
“It’s easy to have ideas, it’s really difficult to get them to the point of investability. That’s why I’m super pleased to be on Carbon13 because it’s going to help get through those initial stages.” Amyas Phillips – Technical Founder

“It would have taken me years to meet 50 exceptionally talented and passionate founders who are determined to solve the climate crisis and Carbon13 did it in just a few weeks” Sarah Montgomery – Venture Catalyst Founder

“I’d like to build a business that proves that having sustainable goals at your heart can make you more economically successful.” Vanessa Macdougall – Commercial Founder

If you want to learn more about our current cohort take a look at our Meet the Cohort page.

Our why

Carbon13 is the venture builder for the climate emergency. 

We are selecting and supporting 1000 entrepreneurs over 5 years who will build scalable ventures with the potential to reduce carbon emissions by over 400 million tons per annum. 

We strongly believe that startup innovation is necessary to save the planet. Everyone who has the talent to make a difference to the climate emergency should be channelling that talent into the one great effort that humanity most needs.  

Without entrepreneurs, we won’t get enough innovation to solve this problem and we won’t get it fast enough. This is what drives everyone at Carbon13, and has led us to create the venture builder to support entrepreneurs to achieve the high growth ventures that can make a meaningful impact on carbon emissions.