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    Value Proposition (1): Bioenergy | Independency | Circular Approach
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    In many ways we are determined by others. It is not easy to bring climate change to the people. Large international oil and gas companies with their pipelines and networks sometimes leave us no choice. Change is prevented and we are dependent in many ways. What if we could free ourselves from this and produce the resources we need ourselves in such a way that they reduce our CO2 emissions compared to previous use? For example, we could convert bioenergy into electrical energy in a decentralised manner on site, where it is really needed. This is what the start-up me.energy is already doing with bioethanol, for example, to generate off-grid electricity for the e-fleet in company car parks. For critics, the conversion of bioethanol into electricity is an unnecessary step or not efficient at all. It is true that energy is lost through the additional conversion and the overall efficiency decreases. For bioenergy advocates, however, bioenergy is not only an opportunity to become independent, but also to close the cycle of biowaste. Bioenergy can potentially be suitable for many other uses and help to increase the mass conversion. Every little helps to reduce emissions compared to burning fossil fuels.