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    3/3 Optimized Industrial Waste Repurposing Marketplace
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    Tackle the challenge of industrial waste by building a two-sided digital marketplace. Key functions include: 1. ML-Powered Waste Characterization and Matching: Analyze waste streams using images and data. Then, suggest potential repurposing opportunities in other industries with a focus on the European circular economy context. 2. Traceability and Verification: Integrate blockchain-enabled features to track materials along the repurposing chain. This boosts transparency and validates sustainable practices, meeting increasingly stringent EU regulations. 3. Localized Logistics Facilitation: Leverage machine learning to optimize regional transportation between waste producers and buyers. This targets smaller scale operations, a common scenario in the fragmented European market. 4. Market Intelligence and Carbon Impact Modeling: Offer data-driven insights on available waste streams, growing re-use markets, and the potential CO2 impact. This assists companies in strategic decision-making aligned with their ESG targets. I'd call this Reviiva.