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    Hybrid (wind+solar) energy harvester
    2 months agoopen8
    PROBLEM: Intermittence of Renewables makes them unreliable sources as stand-alone solution. This leads to either: 1. the necessity to switch to the electricity grid or backup generators (with related carbon footprint) OR 2. the need for large and expensive energy storage systems, e.g., batteries. ||| IDEA: create a hybrid energy harvesting device that combines complementary wind and solar power within one single product, leveraging on the advantages of both with a strong synergy (1+1=3). It is a "smart" device as it has predictive and self-adapting control logics powered by AI. This will allow to: 1. maximize continuity of power production with high efficiency, 2. reduce the sizing of energy storage systems, 3. reduce LCOE (levelized cost of energy), 4. boost energy independence with renewables only, 5. reduce the space needs for the energy plant (limiting interference with growing crops) 6. reduce maintenance operations.