Venture Launchpad

The strongest ecosystem for climate tech, focused on your venture.

The Carbon13 Venture Launchpad is designed to surround your start-up with a carbon-obsessed ecosystem in order to achieve a potential carbon reduction of 10 million tonnes of CO2e per year once at scale. This is the only accelerator which can support a climate startup from any sector, which hasn’t raised equity finance yet, to understand its true potential on carbon.

At Carbon13 we built the ecosystem first. We united entrepreneurs in residence, carbon experts, corporate partners, investors, innovators and academics around our belief that in order to reach Net Zero, world-changing innovation can only be delivered by a community filled with true diversity of people and thinking.

Startup support on this journey will be tailored to the specificities of your team covering level of progress, product market fit (PMF), technology readiness level (TRL), investment readiness and go to market (GTM).

We can do this because the strength and depth of our ecosystem means that all of our mentorship, networking opportunities and programme are bespoke to help you lay great team foundations for building a high performance execution culture and form authentic connections with investors, customers, stakeholders and each other.

This means that to you as a founder, you should view this as a building opportunity. Neither you nor the climate has time to sit in a long lecture. You will be working towards milestones such as achieving PMF, developing a GTM strategy, and fundraising, supported by us in the manner most suited to your team’s strengths which you’ll demonstrate to investors and stakeholders. 

Benefits of participating in Carbon13's Venture Launchpad

(left to right) in front of Jesus college Cambridge, Jonathan Cumming points at something in the sky. Next to him, Chris Coleridge smiles at the camera while Nicky Dee and Michael Langguth chat.

At a glance - Venture Launchpad structure

The application process

  • Applications open 21st February 2023 
  • Applications close 4th April 2023 
  • Rolling screening in February and March including interviews, and potentially submitting further materials 

The Venture Launchpad structure

  • 20 week programme starts 2nd May
  • 4-5 hours of mandatory, and 4-5 hours opt-in programming a week
  • Demo day and pitch to Carbon13 for pre-seed investment in mid July

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