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    Smart pallets
    2 weeks agoopen1
    $600 billion worth of food harvested each year doesn’t make it into a meal. Leakages in the supply cold chain are a big driver. Products are too long underway, have been waiting in the sun, etc. affecting quality and requiring disposal. Solution: Transform pallets from pieces of wood to pieces of data. Small IOT device on the pallet to measure location, temperature, time. Dashboard to track and optimize food supply chain.
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    food waste ch4nge
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    In the EU, 59 million tonnes of food waste are generated annually. food waste ch4nge turns food waste into green energy fuels simply, sustainably and, at the source of the food waste, helping food producers and food service businesses to decentralize the energy supply, avoiding food waste from being transported to landfills and ch4nging from bills to profits.