Meet the cohort

Our first cohort represents a broad spectrum of founders, all unique, from diverse backgrounds and careers.

Five of our founders have recorded short videos to explain why they’ve begun a startup with Carbon13, to help you decide if you should do the same.

Each of them fits one of our Founder Types, and all are united in their mission to reduce emissions through founding a venture.

Cohort 1 founders

Amyas joined Carbon13 as a Technical Founder to develop his ideas into an investable venture. In this video, he explains why making a sustainable future for humanity is so important to him, and why he believes entrepreneurship can deliver this impact. He also takes us through his journey from Physics to IoT to cybersecurity, to the progress he hopes to make with Carbon13. 

"I'd like to build a business that proves that having sustainable goals at your heart can make you more economically successful." Vanessa joined Carbon13 as the next step on from working in large organisations such as the Bank of England, BCG and the UK Government. Her focus now is on building something from the ground up, i.e. a commercially successful venture that can reduce emissions by millions of tonnes.

Ahrum has followed her taste buds to Carbon13! Although she has a "traditional" background in banking, her twin passions are food and fighting climate change. In this video she shares why she's made the leap from finance to food, and why Carbon13 was her route to doing this. "I want to challenge my generation to be better than our actions".

"I love diving into new scary problems that no one has met before". Jake joined Carbon13 with over 10 years of software development experience to work on the world's biggest problem: climate change. In this video, he explains why he is driven to use his technical knowledge to make an impact to the global shift to a greener, more sustainable future with Carbon13.

As a Theoretical Physicist at Cambridge University, entrepreneurship hadn't been in Jonathan's plan, but he now realises entrepreneurship is the best vehicle for making a profound impact on the world. And he says, his "always learning" mentality is ideal for founding a startup.